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Bubblegum Cyberpunk

The brainchild of local writer Phil Brown and myself, Bubblegum Cyberpunk is, simply put, a zine. Reaching out to as many writers in the area as we could, we asked for submissions based around the theme of technology, and the way in which it affects our lives. Most of the stories are dark and witty. We definitely had a slant towards techno-paranoia, the fear of technology becoming too involved in the day to day of our lives.


Design discussions were based off technology and the way it malfunctions. A clean aesthetic, but not without a few off-beat skips and jumps in the design itself, while still maintaining legibility. This is a taste of what some might call “glitch art”. These are a sample of the spreads found within the zine.

Cody Fenske Design Co. — DribbbleInstagram