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Meet the Pros 2018

Every year, the American Advertising Federation hosts an event called Meet the Pros. It’s where students and young creatives gather to listen to sage advice from the professionals in the creative field. In 2018, AAF asked me to create the branding and website for the event. The year’s theme was “Collaboration”. I set off to hand select creatives who were willing to contribute an asset to build a messy, experimental brand.


Branding, Experimental Design, Posters, Website

The brand was creating by using the combined contributions of local designers Amanda Walla, Eric Nyffeler, Ben Lueders, Nicolas Fredrickson, Joshua Collinsworth, Justin Kemerling, Kelsey Scoffield, Samantha Novak, Megan Timanus, Michael Stevens, Donovan Beery, Sean Heisler, and Secret Penguin with animation by Bryan Findell.

Each person was asked to contribute an icon, glyph, texture, or symbol. Some submissions are assets that never made the final cut, scraps of old projects, or glyphs created new for this brand.

Cody Fenske Design Co. — DribbbleInstagram